Clinical Waste Management

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We provide efficient and environmentally friendly clinical waste management solutions in Malaysia where dealing with clinical waste is a highly regulated operation. Improper disposal leads to adverse consequences to the environment and to businesses as well, especially when legal guidelines are flouted.

As a specialist for the collection and safe disposal of clinical waste, including dangerous, sensitive and confidential materials, we insist on stringent tests and appropriate investments in products and services that guarantee environmental safety.

Transportation of waste from client’s premises to our incineration plant is by way of trucks specially designed to prevent spillage and contamination while on transit. These trucks are driven by highly qualified personnel who are thoroughly trained to handle spillage and containment.

We provide a complete range of consumable items to all our clients in hospitals, labs, dialysis centers, and clinics.

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Scope Of Services

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Training & education on safe handling of clinical waste, prevention and managing of spillage.
Supply of color coded bags, sharps container and collection bins.
Collection & transportation of clinical waste to our incineration plant.
Safe disposal & incineration of clinical waste & by-product.

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